Eye On Kentucky

The Eye On Kentucky program was developed to allow a way to anonymously report suspicious criminal or terrorist activity that residents may see or hear.​

 2 Ways to Report

In cases of emergency, individuals should call 911 or local law enforcement.​

How It Affects You

Enhancing the security and safety of our state is the primary mission of the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security. Reporting suspicious activity is your way of participating in an important cause designed to prevent or reduce prospects of terrorism, ordinary crimes and other illegal acts.

If you become aware of something that could realistically jeopardize any part of your community, please report it! In doing so, injury, loss of lives and unlawful destruction can be avoided.

Potential Suspicious Activity

Suspicious Activity is any observed behavior that could indicate terrorism or other criminal activity.

Unusual Items or Situations - Vehicle in an odd location, unattended luggage/package, open door/window normally closed and locked or other out of the ordinary situations.

Eliciting Information - Questioning individuals at a level beyond mere curiosity about particular facets of a facility’s or building purpose, operations, security procedures, scrutinizing personnel, shirt changes, or facility procedures, etc.

Observations/Surveillance - Unusual attentions to facilities and other infrastructure beyond mere casual or professional interest. Extended loitering without explanation, particularly in concealed locations with optimal visibility of potential targets. Unusual, repeated, and/or prolonged observation or infrastructure (for example, with binoculars or video cameras), taking notes and/or measurements, counting paces or sketching floor plans. Some of these activities, taken individually, could be innocent and must be examined by law enforcement professionals in a larger context to determine where there is a basis to investigate. The activities outlined above are by no means all-inclusive but have been complied from a review of terrorist events over several years.

Suspicious activity may include persons:

  • Asking unusual questions about building security;
  • Taking photographs or videos of buildings, bridges or other locations;
  • Asking detailed questions about the schedules of public transportation;
  • Seen timing the arrival and departure of public transportation;
  • Loitering around reservoirs, water-treatment plans; dams or power plants;
  • Watching a building for extended periods of time.

Be Alert!

Citizens should also be aware of suspicious vehicles parked in unusual places or at unusual times.

Helpful Reporting Tips

Accurate information is essential when you report suspicious activity. To assist the Eye On Kentucky program, please provide as much of the following as possible.

Personal Description to Observe

drawing of man with different items to observe before making a report 

Incident Type - Exactly what have you observed that concerns you and why?

Location and time of your observation - Happening now or is this a delayed report? Exactly where is this occurring or when did it occur?

Description of all involved - Physical description including approximate age sex, height, weight, clothing, identifying marks (tattoos, scars, etc.) and accent.

Activity description - Did suspect run (give direction), leave by vehicle (type) or remains on scene?​​

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