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Each year Kentucky is called on to compete with other states and urban areas to receive federal homeland security funding.  The state provides the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with a comprehensive document that entails how homeland security funds will be used in Kentucky.
Following a comprehensive review at the federal level that takes into consideration the elements of risk and the effectiveness of the state’s programs, a specified award is granted.
The Commonwealth uses a competitive grant application for state and local agencies to submit proposed projects.  When these applications are presented, a team of peer reviewers from across the state reviews the grant application in accordance with the state’s homeland security strategy and enhancement plan. The results are then submitted to a KOHS Executive Review Panel. From there, the proposed projects are presented to the Governor for a review and final award decisions.



2016 HSGP Awards List (NEW)

2015 HSGP Awards List


For the 2016 DHS authorized equipment list, please follow this link.  DHS AUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT LIST 2016  ​​​​​​

Grant Management Forms
2016 HSGP Awards List2016%20SHSP%20Awards%20List.pdf
FY16 Application PowerPont Instructions PDFFY16%20Application%20PowerPoint%20Instructions.pdf
2015 HSGP AwardsCopy%20of%20Award%20Approvals%20for%20Website.pdf
eClearinghouse step-by-step InstructionseClearinghouse%20Instructions.pdf
EFT Form 2015EFT%20Form.pdf
Legal Signature AuthorizationFY12LegalSignatureAuthorization.xlsx
Request for Cancelled Check WaiverFY12RequestforCancelledCheckWaiver.xlsx
Request for Modification FormFY12RequestForModificationForm.xlsx
Request for Reimbursement ChecklistFY12RequestforReimbursementChecklist.xlsx
Request for Reimbursement FormFY13RequestforReimbursement%20Form.xlsx
Quarterly Report 2015Quarterly%20Report%20in%20Word%20Doc%2010.01.15.docx
EHP Screening Form 2016EHP%20Screening%20Form%202016.pdf
Subrecipient Grants Management and Procedures--October 2014SubrecipientGrantsManagementandProceduresOctober2014.pdf
Subrecipient Inventory FormSubrecipientInventoryForm.xlsx

State Historical Preservation Office

The Kentucky Heritage Council's Site Protection Program coordinates the federally mandated protection of historic properties listed in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, as well as the professional archaeology component for the agency.

Site Protect

Kentucky State Clearinghouse

The Kentucky State Clearinghouse has been designated as the state Single Point of Contact and is charged with providing state and local input to the appropriate federal agency.

Kentucky State Clearinghouse

Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program

A program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, grants are awarded to fire departments to enhance their ability to protect the public and fire service personnel from fire and related hazards.

Assistance to Firefighters Grants

Fire Prevention and Safety Grants​​​​​​​