Mission Statement

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security is Kentucky's strategic center of gravity for the accumulation and dissemination of critical information through collaborative efforts with local, state, federal, and private sector partnerships, which provides relevant and timely intelligence, executive advisement, and resource allocations for the preparation, prevention, response and recovery of all hazards or incidents that affect the safety, security, and the health of the Commonwealth.

We achieve our mission through

  • Efficient collaboration, effective advocacy, superior training and transparent grant administration.
  • Directly engaging the citizens of the Commonwealth in personal readiness and preparedness.

Efficient Collaboration

From Intelligence gathering and risk assessments to training and exercises, the KOHS will be a model of effective and efficient collaboration at every level. We will engage our security partners in all relevant areas and earn a reputation as an indispensable partner.

Effective Advocacy

At the federal, state, and local levels, KOHS will be an effective advocate for the first responders and law enforcement in providing security to the citizens of the Commonwealth. Our advocacy will result in additional resources and support for our security partners in accomplishing our collective mission.

Superior Training

KOHS will, with our partners, produce high-quality training that is relevant, timely and continually improving. Metrics will be used to determine the training's effectiveness and feedback will be solicited to make continued improvement.

Transparent Grant Administration

KOHS will administer the grant program in a transparent fashion, creating a process that is fairer, customer-service oriented and less complicated. Grants applications that address critical needs with well-reasoned, collaborative solutions will be most favorably received.

Directly Engaging Citizens

In making Kentucky Ready and Prepared, our citizens are our greatest asset. KOHS will aggressively implement an external affairs effort aimed at creating far-reaching public awareness and a robust Citizen Corps program.

Mission Statement