Law Enforcement Protection Program

The Law Enforcement Protection Program enables KOHS to provide law enforcement agencies across the state funds to purchase duty equipment on a year-around basis.

LEPP provides grants for body armor, duty weapons, ammunition, electronic-control devices, electronic-control weapons or electronic-muscular disruption technology, and body-worn cameras to sworn peace officers and service animals. These funds are available for cities, counties, charter counties, unified counties, urban-counties, consolidated local government police departments, public university safety and security departments, sheriff's departments and special law enforcement officers attached to school districts.

In awarding these grants, KOHS gives first priority to providing and replacing body armor and second priority to providing firearms and ammunition, with residual funds available for the purchase of electronic-control weapons or electronic-muscular disruption technology and body-worn cameras. Body armor purchased using LEPP funds shall meet or exceed the standards issued by the National Institute of Justice for body armor.

Applications are accepted throughout the entire year. Applications are reviewed quarterly by KOHS staff, and with approval of the governor, are awarded based on available funding.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


LEPP Applications
LEPP BrochureLEPP%20Brochure%202016.pdf
Ballistic Resistance of Body ArmorBallisticResistanceofBodyArmor.pdf
Body Armor StandardBodyArmorNIJ06Standard.pdf
KSP Confiscated Weapons/Ammunition Turn-In LetterE31Letter.pdf
Law Enforcement Protection Program ResolutionLawEnforcementProtectionProgramResolutionDecember2012.pdf
LEPP Body Armor ApplicationLEPP%20Body%20Armor%20Application%202016.pdf
LEPP Taser Equipment ApplicationLEPP%20Taser%20Equipment%20Application%202016.pdf
LEPP Duty Weapons and Ammunition ApplicationLEPP%20Duty%20Weapons%20Ammunition%20Application%202016.pdf
LEPP Body-Worn Camera ApplicationLEPP%20Body%20Worn%20Camera%20Application%202016.pdf
LEPP Request for ReimbursementLEPP%20Request%20for%20Reimbursement.xlsx

Contact Information

Kentucky Office of Homeland Security
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Law Enforcement Protection Program