About Kentucky Office of Homeland Security

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security carries out multiple missions mandated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as the Kentucky General Assembly.

Community Safety and Security

KOHS offers first responder training; seminars about personal safety; Neighborhood Watch support; management of Eye on Kentucky; assistance to Citizen Emergency Response Teams; and guidance against violence for business and industry.

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Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center

KOHS ensures a multi-agency collaboration ranging from KOHS and Kentucky State Police intelligence analysts with GIS capabilities to the Missing and Exploited Child Center to providing secure work areas for various federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies as needed. Additionally, the fusion center is a 24/7 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet resource for major highway monitoring plus coordination of circumstances regarding acts of nature affecting traffic flow and safety.

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Federal-Grant Administration

KOHS aids cities, counties and state agencies in acquiring interoperable communications equipment, victim rescue gear, DHS-approved fire department and EMS equipment and devices essential in helping thwart attacks on infrastructure vital to the security and economic stability of Kentucky and the United States.

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Monitoring threats and vulnerability assessments; suspicious activity intelligence gathering and analysis; classified information sharing with law-enforcement sources; awareness of anarchist and other groups engaged in unlawful practices; and preventive or mitigative guidance to both the public and private sectors against potential attacks. The key is foreseeability rather than reaction.


Kentucky e-Warrant program

Using innovative technology facilitating and expediting law enforcement's issuances of warrants. The system is accessed via a basic Internet connection in an office, police vehicle, or even a smart-phone device.

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Law Enforcement Protection Program

KOHS manages the Law Enforcement Protection Program and provides needed funds for body armor, primary firearms and electronic-control weapons for local police and sheriff's departments. Money source: Confiscated illegal weapon auctions by KSP only to licensed federal weapons dealers.

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Kentucky’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Program

KOHS through the Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center, identifies, analyzes and implements protective initiatives for the Commonwealth's 16 critical infrastructure and key resource sectors. KOHS prepares assessments on critical assets and monitors intelligence in order to share information that may impact the Commonwealth’s key businesses and resources.

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About Kentucky Office of Homeland Security