Training Overview

Kentucky is honored by those who, with heroism and selflessness, faithfully serve the people of this commonwealth each and every day. We are continually inspired by the heroic sacrifices of our firefighters, rescue and law-enforcement personnel, military-service members, and community volunteers, who in times of crisis provide our communities with unity, focus, and strength.

Kentucky’s first responders embody our commonwealth’s highest ideals of courage and devotion to duty, and that is why the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security is committed to ensuring that first responders are properly trained and equipped to preserve the public safety and ensure our commonwealth is ready and prepared.

First Responders

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security is committed to providing the commonwealth’s first responders and all other organizations who may be called upon to respond and /or partic​ipate in a weapons of mass destruction incident or any other incident of national significance with the training necessary to safely and effectively manage the incident.

These trainings are designed to meet the varying needs of Kentucky’s first responder. They include reaching multiple disciplines, through training and awareness, performance and planning/management levels, and employing the most appropriate medium for the particular audience.

Homeland Security Training Resources

To request a Homeland Security Training Course, please complete the Instate Training Request form and email or fax it to Junnadel Bowling.

Kentucky State Training Form.doc

Junnadel Bowling
KY Office of Homeland Security
200 Mero Street
Frankfort, KY 40622
Office - (502) 564-2081
Fax - (502) 564-7764

First Responders Community of Practice

First Responder Communities of Practice is an online network of vetted, active and retired First Responders, emergency response professionals and Federal, State, local, or Tribal Homeland Security officials sponsored by the U. S. Department of Homeland Security Science &s; Technology Directorate’s First Responder Technologies program. Registered members of this professional network share information, ideas, and best practices, enabling them to more efficiently and effectively prepare for all hazards.

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Training Overview