Our Mission

Kentucky Fusion Center LogoThe Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center is created within the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security and codified into state law to improve intelligence sharing among public safety and public service agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. The role of the KIFC is to compile, blend, analyze, and disseminate criminal intelligence and other information, and to anticipate, identify, prevent, and monitor criminal activity that may pose a threat to the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the nation.

About the Fusion Center

In an effort to better secure the commonwealth against criminal activity and domestic and international terrorism, federal and state agencies have banded together to create the Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center to improve intelligence sharing among public-safety and public-service agencies.

The center has been heralded as a milestone in achieving a unified hub to coordinate and connect all levels of law enforcement and public- safety agencies, including fire, health and transportation, and the private sector. A new telephone hotline, 1-866-EYE-ON-KY (1-866-393-6659), is available for residents to report suspicious or criminal activity of any kind.

The principle role of the KIFC is to compile, blend, analyze, and disseminate criminal intelligence and other information (including, but not limited to, threat assessment, public safety, law enforcement, public health, social service and public works) and to support efforts to anticipate, identify, prevent and monitor criminal activity.

The ultimate goal is to provide a mechanism where law enforcement, public safety, and the private sector can come together with a common purpose to improve the ability to safeguard our homeland and prevent criminal activity.

The KIFC is currently a collaboration of the following agencies:

Capabilities of the Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center

  • Provide all crimes and terrorism intelligence analytical services
  • Supports the Joint Terrorism Task Force with counter-terrorism investigators
  • Assists all federal, state, and local law enforcement with their request for information on suspects by utilizing available databases
  • Assist law enforcement in the location of subjects
  • Serves as the conduit for law enforcement’s request for information from other state fusion centers
  • Serves as a repository for the state’s identified critical infrastructures.
  • Receives Field Intelligence Reports and other reports from law-enforcement officers from their in car mobile-data computers through the Kentucky Open Portal Solution
  • Receives statewide all crimes tips through a toll-free EYE-ON-KY hotline at 1-866-393-6659 and/or website submission
  • Law enforcement radio and data communications capability through Kentucky State Police Communications, which is located in the fusion center
  • Telecommunications for Kentucky State Police Headquarters
  • Kentucky Arson and DUI hotline center
  • Kentucky Amber Alert notification
  • Connected to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Information Network, which is an intelligence- and information-sharing network
  • Connected to the FBI Law Enforcement Online, which is an intelligence- and information-sharing network
  • Connected to the Regional Organized Crime Information Center, which is an intelligence- and information-sharing network for 14 southeastern states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Receives intelligence briefings from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security
  • Both secure and non-secure video conferencing capability
  • Limited linguistic support
  • Traffic and incident-management center that monitors highway construction, maintenance, weather, and other events
  • Monitors and updates the Kentucky 511 phone and website system
  • Monitors websites of regional traffic centers in Louisville, Lexington, and northern Kentucky/Cincinnati
  • Monitors live video feed of selected traffic sites throughout Kentucky
  • Monitors the 24-hour news channels for situational awareness
  • Monitors the National Weather Service
  • Monitors sensitive material convoy while traveling through the state
  • Monitors Emergency Operations Center incidents
  • Radio communications center for SAFE Patrol Program, which is a motorist-aid program
  • Monitors CSX National Operations Workstation (NOW) System

Privacy Policy

Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center privacy policy information:

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